These terms and conditions apply to Noogmi Gift Cards purchased on By purchasing Noogmi Gift Cards you accept these terms and conditions. Noogmi reserves the right to interpret, modify, or terminate the terms and conditions.

Noogmi Gift Cards can only be used in our online store at  You can use the Noogmi Gift Cards to pay for the full value or part of the value of your selected item(s). If your purchase is not completely covered by Noogmi Gift Cards you can use an additional payment method to complete the purchase. 

Noogmi Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for the purchase of a new gift card.

Noogmi Gift Card is a bearer document. Its bearer is solely responsible for its use and custody. Noogmi does not replace the Gift Cards in the event of theft, loss or deterioration.


Payment methods for Noogmi Gift Cards are the same as for normal shopping. So, you can pay for the gift card by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. For more details you can visit payment section in our Shopping Guide. 



Noogmi Gift Cards will be sent to the chosen recipient's address immediately after the purchase is complete. If you order a Noogmi Gift Card you are obligated to provide a correct address for delivery. If the address you have provided cannot be confirmed, Noogmi reserves the right to withhold the delivery of the Noogmi Gift Cards.


Noogmi  Gift Cards are valid fo 1 year from the date of the purchase. At the expiry of the validity period, the Noogmi Gift Cards cannot be used for purchase.


In case of returns for items purchased with a Noogmi gift card, a new card will be issued for the full amount of the return.

A new Noogmi card will be sent to you by email after the return and verification of the items is complete. You are obligated to provide a correct email address for the delivery of the new Noogmi card. If the email address you provided cannot be confirmed, Noogmi reserves the right to withhold the delivery of the new card.

Noogmi cards cannot be exchanged for cash.

The system for returning products purchased with the Gift Cards is considered an essential condition, as such, its acceptance is assumed by the mere acquisition and / or use of the Card.


Noogmi has a privacy policy that defines the method of processing and protecting personal data. You can find the full version of our privacy policy  here.


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