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Burel is a Portuguese handmade 100% wool fabric , traditionally used by shepherds in the high mountains, in the heart of Serra da Estrela in the interior of Portugal.

Its versatility, hight strength and robustness are characteristics that are increasingly values, which leads it to withstand intensive use without changing color or shape, making it ideal for different products.

In the mountains we find Bordaleira and Churra, two indigenous breeds of sheep, which give our suppliers the raw material for the production of burel, our wool fabric. For production, they turn to local shepherds who, in tune with the rhythm of the seasons, graze their sheep outdoors on the mountain slopes, where the grass is softer and rich in minerals making the wool softer.

The sheep are shorn at least once a year, usually at the end of winter, this is a necessary process for the animal that only brings benefits and comfort: it facilitates reproduction, eliminates parasites and leaves the animal cooler for the summer. The shearing is done manually and individually, with scissors and holding the sheep with the hands, minimizing any embarrassment to the animal. Shearing is an ancient art maintained by the knowledge of the people of the mountains, it allows preserving an ancestral tradition and keeping the culture of a people alive.

After shearing, the wool is tanned to remove impurities, washed, combed by hand and only then stored to be transformed until reaching the final process.

The cards of wool enter a machine that opens the fibers and mixes the colors at the same time that it softens them, after that process it will rest for a few hours and then it will start to be carded. Then the rollers are placed in the spinning that will make the twist and stretch forming the yarn, which then passes to the reels, starting weaving.

The looms are filled with bobbins and shins to start the weaving work, transforming the wool into fabric, then comes the finishing process, which will transform this fabric, into the final fabric with the softness, color and strength that we see in the burel.

The fabric is beaten at the pumping at the same time as it is moistened, which causes the fabric to shrink about 30% to 40%, felting and gaining the desired thickness, stabilizing the fabric. Only after this long process we have our burel,  a natural and non-polluting, recyclable, renewable and durable material.

Now we can start creating !!!


100% wool | Fire-resistant | Water-resistant | Thermal and acoustic insulation | Hygroscopic | Anti-electrostatic | Abrasion resistance | Tough | Flexible | Natural | Agro-product | Doesn’t pile