Noogmi is a Portuguese brand that draws inspiration from their origins perfectly married with design, comfort and tradition.

The richness of the Portuguese raw materials such as burel and cork, associated with the handcrafted production translates into a pure and delicate line, revealing their uniqueness in singular pieces with strong believes in sustainability and zero waste.

In nature we find our materials and with them the inspiration to create our products. Our production process is carried out in order to minimize the waste of the raw material, reducing the environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

Our entire collection is produced with sustainable materials carefully purchased in Portugal.

We believe that the value of a product comes from dedication, care and knowledge at the time of creation, transmitted by our small team of artisans, who produce each piece by hand and handcrafted. What bring our collection to life are are hands full of experience and wisdom and for the respect we owe them, we make sure that they work in good condition, are valued correctly for their work and feel happy when producing for Noogmi.

In a time of trends and given the impact of "fast fashion" on the earth, we believe that our contribution will be to make to last, creating timeless pieces.